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Rules summary

All games to be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess except where modified below.


Division 1: open.
Division 2: restricted to a total of 625 ECF per team.
Division 3: restricted to a total of 500 ECF per team. 
Rapidplay Division: restricted to a total of 650 ECF per team.

Game finishes

In Divisions 1 and 2, the visiting player shall offer, before his or her first move, at least two alternatives of game finish method from adjudication, adjournment or quickplay. The home player shall before his next move select from those offered. In Division 3, all games are quickplay finishes.

Time limits 

Where an unfinished game is to be adjudicated at the end of the first session: 35 moves in the first 1 hours, followed by 7 moves in each subsequent hour.

Where an unfinished game is to be adjourned to a second session: 35 moves in the first 1 hours, followed by 28 moves in the next hour, then 7 moves in each subsequent hour. The second session of an adjourned game shall be played within 28 days and must be played to a finish or for at least two and a half hours. After the second session unfinished games shall be adjudicated.

Where a quickplay finish is adopted: 30 moves in the first hour, then all the remaining moves in 20 minutes, or such longer time as is available in the agreed playing session. Alternatively, where digital clocks are being used, players may, by mutual agreement, start with 1 hours for all moves with the addition of 10 seconds per move. 

Rapidplay Division 

Matches in the Rapidplay Division are played over four boards, each player having 25 minutes to complete his or her moves. Two games are played at each board per match.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be brought into the playing area but must be switched off or in silent mode in the playing area. Any such device may be used or answered only outside the playing area. If any such device is used or produces any sound in the playing area during play then the player with the phone should, in the first instance, be warned. A second offence will result in the loss of the game. These rules may be relaxed in exceptional circumstances where there is prior agreement between match captains.